The Lapp SA Mobile Exhibition Unit

“We are where you are!” More than a mere Value Proposition on a list compiled by a brilliant marketing division in the Lapp Group of companies, it is a promise we make to our customers that says we will support you in any geographical location in South Africa, the greater South East African region and the World. And then it goes further than that…

“We are where you are!” also says to the Lapp customer that we will go to extraordinary lengths to understand your specific requirement and endeavour to meet that need in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. We will place ourselves in your shoes and use the considerable global resources at our disposal to be more than a mere product supplier, but fulfil the role of a valuable partner.


The Lapp SA Mobile Exhibition Unit

We have 8 presenters and 2 Pop-up banners which are displayed around the vehicle, and one Lapp logo and a branded pull-out awning on the car. Built into the vehicle we also have a monitor, DVD player and speakers for a quality A/V experience, and a refrigerator and coffee machine so we are able to offer visitors a cold drink or a decent cup of coffee. For special dedicated visits to an important customer we use a gas stove to warm genuine German sausages and serve them in German bread rolls with German mustard to underline the proud German heritage of our company.

Here in South Africa we needed to find a way to support this promise and give our customers the access to viewing, touching and discussing the Lapp product range with one of our experts, no matter where they are situated.

In a vast country with great distances between industry rich areas, and a standard product range featuring over 40,000 products, there was only one solution. The Lapp SA Mobile Exhibition Unit.


Our State of the Art Mobile Exhibition Unit is unique ...


Our State of the Art Mobile Exhibition Unit is unique in that the entire Lapp Range of product families is represented in physical form. Firmly mounted and clearly labelled for easy identification, and available to touch and feel to make selection of the ideal solution as simple as possible. What’s more, it can be unpacked and set up for a professional display in under 45 minutes.