What do power stations, aircraft turbines, drilling installations and the wheels of a locomotive have in common? The answer, aside from their xxl size, is the special dimensions of their components. Processing them naturally requires large machines, such as those produced by Czech company TOSHULIN. And these machines need special solutions, such as ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN. We pay our Czech friends a visit.

Hulín is a little town with 7,000 inhabitants in the Czech Republic – but that’s the only small thing about this place. Large dimensions are the norm in the town that gave TOSHULIN part of its name. TOSHULIN builds so-called vertical lathes – machine tools that can process impressively large components. Large in this case means large enough for wind turbines, aircraft or gas turbines. The company headquarters in Hulín combine design, manufacture and assembly of these impressive machines.

TOSHULIN is one of the leading manufacturers of vertical lathes worldwide. A look at the Czech company’s reference list feels like a journey around the globe – Saudi Arabia is there, Sweden, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic of course, Great Britain, Belarus, Germany, Italy, India, Canada and the USA to name a few. There are also names like Rolls Royce, General Electric or Siemens.


TOSHULIN is a world leader in the manufacture of machine tools for processing medium-to-large workpieces. The company was founded in 1949 in the Czech town of Hulín. In 1951 the company specialised in the manufacture of vertical lathes.



Despite weighing several tons, the vertical lathes are incredibly accurate. They make it possible to mill, machine, drill or grind workpieces measuring several metres in diameter to within a micrometre. A performance that would not be possible without the high-quality mechanical and electrical components inside these giants. Lapp Group supplies the company with complete, ready-to-install energy chains for moving applications. This partnership goes back a long way, as TOSHULIN was Lapp’s first customer in the Czech Republic, although they were only buying seals back then. Although they still have the same customer number – 000001 – everything else has changed. Lapp has gone from supplying individual components to being a system partner that provides intelligent complete solutions.


Lapp supplied cables and accessories for 14 years, while TOSHULIN assembled its energy chains in-house. These are systems that are moved thousands of times and must therefore have a high level of reliability and precision.

Over time however, the number of orders increased, machines became quicker and the requirements stricter - such as those relating to resistance to chemical substances. “It was clear to us that we also need a new quality of collaboration”, recalls Vojtéch Frkal, technical director at TOSHULIN.

His counterpart, Frantisek Omasta from Lapp Czech Republic, who developed the energy chain business segment there, also recognised that something in the collaboration had to change. Lapp had to go from supplying individual cables to providing full systems.


Since its foundation, the company has delivered over 13,500 machine tools to 60 countries all over the planet. From a purely statistical perspective, almost a third of all countries around the world are equipped with a vertical lathe from TOSHULIN.

Plug & play & produce

In the case of TOSHULIN, the system solution is a complete ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN energy chain assembled by Lapp. Many competitors would probably have developed the energy chain mechanics first and then the cable. “But the chain is there because of the cable and not the other way round”, remarks Frantisek Omasta. Lapp therefore thinks and develops with the cable as the starting point.

Vojtéch Frkal

Vojtéch Frkal is more than satisfied with the smart complete solution: “Lapp is a leader in terms of quality. So if it is our goal to produce the best quality on the market, we also have to collaborate with the best partners.” This is how the proverbial chain reaction works – where the best quality creates the best quality.