Solution-based thinking

Dear readers,

back in the days when services providers provided services and manufacturers made products, customers were often greeted with the simple question: "What would you like?"

Today however, as service and production increasingly merge together, the question has changed to: "What can we do for you?" And the answer has changed too: "Lots".

That's because customers are no longer looking for individual products any more. They need a complete solution from a single source. This means providers have to think no longer in terms of individual components, but joined-up, complete solutions. They must also understand that product and service are no longer like a pair of boots, but instead belong inseparably together.

In this case, service does not just refer to what comes after the sale, but is above all a matter of good preparation. It is about developing installation-ready "plug & play" solutions, which offer highly developed technical products with additional services as a smart and intelligent solution.

With best regards,

Andreas Lapp

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