The days in which the manufacturing and service sectors could be clearly separated are well and truly over. A change is taking place in people's heads, in factory halls and in businesses like the Lapp Group. Customers are searching for solutions rather than products, and component suppliers are now developing and providing complex systems. We take the pulse.

Our ÖLFLEX® CONNECT range shows what can happen when products and services are seen as a single entity rather than treated separately. This is the name under which Lapp is expanding its range of cable assemblies, taking the logical step from a component supplier to a system provider. The focus is on expanding what we do best. At Lapp, this means cables, connectors and accessories, as well as the resulting complete system solution.

But why are we repositioning ourselves like this? When technologies become more complex, solutions for customers have to be simpler. But this requires more than just the product. It requires joined-up thinking, collaborative development and cooperation. This means offering services that are as close as possible to the product and the customer's process.


Expanding cable assembly, giving better advice to customers and standardising global activities – these are the ideas behind ÖLFLEX® CONNECT. To this end, the Lapp Group is building up its engineering, production and pre-assembly capacities in America, Europe and Asia. We have invested in six sites over the past year. In future, we will continue to open new sites and strengthen our existing global network.


The people at Lapp not only know the business and their customers, but also have unrivalled knowledge of the components. This is the ideal starting point from which to focus increasingly on delivering complete system solutions instead of individual cable components. Lapp knows that finding and implementing the perfect solution is not necessarily the job of the customer, who usually has better things to do.

The organisation structure was therefore built on three columns. ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CABLE covers the classic cable assembly, whilst the design, assembly and installation of complete drag chains is offered under the name ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN (see also the report: Chain reactions).

Finally, ÖLFLEX® CONNECT SERVO covers the assembly of servo cables, creating an innovative solution. Lapp has completely redeveloped both the assembly process and the components. Cable and connector are now semi-automatically connected, increasing both the screening and the process reliability. It also guarantees that products are always manufactured with identical values and in identical quality, even in larger quantities (see also the report: The tinkerman).