When one meets Klaus Joachim, one immediately notices that he is not from Stuttgart but Bavaria. Not because of his dialect, but his smile. Despite coming from a small town, he feels at home here in the big city at Lapp: "I absolutely love coming to work", he says – and laughs.

Since 2014 he's been "at the Lapp", as he puts it, working as a senior manager for automation. His job is to find new solutions in the area of automation. This includes both the product and the manufacturing process or individual production step. "We have developed several new products for this, as well as process developments." When Joachim says this, it sounds more modest than it is.

That's because we're not just talking about a product improvement: "Our ÖLFLEX® CONNECT SERVO, for example, features no component that was previously available on the market. This is a completely new cable with a completely new connector, which is assembled in a completely new process. We also build the machines for this ourselves. We don't want to give away any of our expert knowledge."

The result is a new solution that sets benchmarks. Klaus Joachim is proud of both: "I love the product so much but I don't want to give it away", he says with that familiar smile of his. Not because he doesn't take his job seriously, but because he enjoys his work: "Before, this was all done by hand. Today, it is high-performance production." This is what matters to demanding customers like machine tool manufacturer EMAG, which uses ÖLFLEX® CONNECT SERVO for its production systems. Dr Guido Hegener, Managing Director of EMAG, adds: "We have very high requirements when it comes to quality and we looked closely before choosing Lapp."

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In the near future, servo assemblies at Lapp will only be produced to a single new set of standards. The same parts lists, the same work steps, the same pricing system – all over the world. Whether you enter a factory in Stuttgart, in the Czech Republic or in Singapore, there will be no difference. For customers this means checking the parts once and having complete peace of mind without having to look for a new supplier.

To achieve this, Lapp has cooperated at global level, designing ideas together and rejecting them together. One intermediate goal, for example, is to develop a connector that is so simple that it can be handled by anyone anywhere in world in any Lapp factory. "I believe that with the ÖLFLEX® CONNECT, we have created a certain new kind of spirit." One of the things you notice about Klaus Joachim is the way he first explains the internal effect. But what about the external effect? In his eyes, it is the clear dual message that is received by the customer: "We want to use the ÖLFLEX® CONNECT range to get even closer to our customers. We also want to "verdienstleisten" our products – we want them to be seen more as a service than they currently are". Verdienstleisten – with this typically Bavarian approach, it's not just Joachim's smile that betrays his origins.