The adventure of technology

Dear readers,

When we imagine extreme situations, a film often plays in our heads with the leading man playing a mountain climber, a worker on an oil rig or a bold researcher surrounded by nothing but ice. Yet many adventurers do more than just show us what is humanly possible – they also reveal what machines can do.

This is also the reason why we are dedicating this issue of Cable World to the topic of “extremes”. After all, it is the harsh reality: when man and machine work at dizzying heights, in ice-cold temperatures or under other extremely tough conditions, solutions by Lapp often help them to do their job.

They tackle these challenges that take them to their limits with a ruggedness and resilience that has nothing to do with their thirst for adventure and everything to do with outstanding engineering achievements. Achievements that we at Lapp Group are very proud of. On that note: have fun on your reading adventure!

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Lapp

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