We push it to the limits

On diving stations

Underwater volcanoes, a sunken shipwreck, 2 million litres of water, a 200 m2 body of water, 10 metres deep. At the monte mare indoor diving centre in Rheinbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lapp SKINTOP® cable glands are used to illuminate the pool in water heated to 28 degrees.


Travelling back in time

When Marty McFly time travelled in ‘Back to the Future’, a 20 year-old SKINTOP® cable gland was there with him. Of course this is only a façade. Just like the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor on the back of the DeLorean, which was made of a Krups Coffina 223 coffee grinder.


Drilling down deeper

Mobile drilling facilities that work at depths of up to 5,000 metres are Max Streicher GmbH’s speciality. They also rely on genuine specialists in this line of their work: the very robust ÖLFLEX® Petro power and control cables by Lapp, which are resistant to UV, oil and drilling fluid.


Like an eternity

The Euro-Mir rollercoaster, one of the main attractions in the Europa-Park theme park in Rust, Germany, takes 6 minutes and 47 seconds to race through nosedives, loops and bends at a speed of 80 km/h. EPIC® industrial connectors ensure safety on this thrill ride.

On a ship in Micronesia

SKINTOP® cable glands are used on diving boats to make radar systems and electronics waterproof. The Palau Aggressor II, a 35 metre long diving cruise boat which sails to the most beautiful diving spots off the Republic of Palau, is no exception.


Assistance on the runway for Sofia

The runway at the new airport in Sofia, Bulgaria, is 3,600 metres in length and 45 metres wide. Airport experts did their research and chose ÖLFLEX® ROBUST for the power supply, which needs to bear up against extreme temperatures and substances such as kerosene.


Fine in all weathers

The unmanned research platform Fino II is situated 39 kilometres to the north of Rügen and anchored at a 20 metre depth in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It measures wind strength and direction, air temperature, water surface temperature and air humidity using 2.5 kilometres of UNITRONIC® data network cables.


Shark Tale

The Lapp Group supported and offered equipment to SHARKPROJECT, the international shark protection organisation which spent 12 months observing the behaviour of great white sharks off the coast of South Africa from a mini submarine. Their equipment included ÖLFLON® FEP cables, which are salt water resistant and highly tear resistant.