If you want to get an idea of how and where Lapp will be working in future, it is best to take a look at the new European headquarters in Stuttgart. Characterised by its innovative architecture, short distances and completely new forms of collaboration, a new era is just beginning here for the company and its staff – as well as for its customers.

The spirit of optimism is palpable. And visible. You can see from the outside that this new build represents a new World of Work. The architecture, the building’s shape and the modern exterior hint at what can be confirmed when you enter the lavish lobby with its museum and conference hall: this is a completely new office space and World of Work.

The new way of work begins with the structure: departments that frequently collaborate are located close to one another. Staff also have plenty of opportunities to change their workstation depending on the task at hand.

The open space concept makes this possible. Instead of being separated in rooms with walled offices and often restricted access, everything is open in the new European headquarters. Open for more communication, collaboration, knowledge transfer and creativity.

The new way of work needs new openness

This open design is expected to promote teamwork, project-related work, flexibility and continuous exchange. As such, team zones, think tanks, lounges and project zones have been set up in a number of places. Staff can also work in the espresso bar on the ground floor or on the roof terrace if they so wish.

These design innovations are not just about staff well-being – their main aim is to promote customer satisfaction as customers also benefit from the new openness of the modern building which brings sales and all sales-related departments together under one roof.


The Lapp World of Work 4.0

A name with symbolic meaning

The building is living up to its name as Lapp’s hub of activity in Europe. First of all, combining sales, marketing, product management, technology, purchasing and other supporting departments is improving collaboration at the Stuttgart site. Secondly, Lapp sites in other countries receive support in important matters such as e-business, marketing, CRM or market management from the new European headquarters.

The new building is also intended to convey a clear message to all staff and customers: Lapp will be staying in Stuttgart for the foreseeable future. Here, where the roots of the family-run company lie. But it will be more networked, digital and flexible in future.

The new building is just the beginning: there are plans to roll out the new Lapp World of Work 4.0 as standard to all companies within the Lapp Group going forward.

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Working in a great setting reminiscent of Lanzarote

Plants as room dividers, quiet keyboards, height-adjustable desks and a temperature similar to the Canary Islands. A water wall and green hanging gardens purify the air of pollutants and create the perfect humidity of between 45 and 50% – visitors to Lanzarote can experience this climate in March.