“Better than our best competitor”

Boris Katic is in his element when he talks about optimisation. It is in his DNA. And he has a clear idea of how it should be: “At Lapp, we need to be better than both the market and our best competitor.”

Boris Katic is extremely focused and clear in his statements. He thinks quickly and speaks rapidly, and loves talking about change – the driving force behind perfectionists. This is all part of his job description: he was made Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at the Lapp Group in November 2016. “It’s all about optimising a solution, not just an individual product.”

An all-in-one solution: he believes this includes service, delivery times and other aspects such as availability, productivity or mastering the complexity of the 40,000+ products in the current Lapp portfolio. And this figure is constantly rising. His mission is to take what is good and find an even better way of doing it.

We need to find precisely the right solution to every customer’s individual problem

“At the end of the day, I think everybody wants to be better. And everybody wants to work in a company that does something more perfectly than the others.” For Boris Katic, optimisations can only be done with the help of perfectionists. That means: “You need to get the whole workforce involved. They are what makes the difference. They are the ones that really make a company better.”

Katic is rather new to the world of cables. But not to the world of optimisation. His examples of best practice are outside of the box. He talks of the philosophy of optimisation in Japan, a destination he has visited many times. He tells us about the New York Marathon, which he has completed. And about what we can learn from Formula 1.

Better means added value for customers

Many of the lessons Boris Katic has learned from other industries and scenarios result in a key question for him: how can we increase the added value for our customers? He believes this is what optimisation is all about. Not just becoming better, but having even better availability: “We need to find precisely the right solution to every customer’s individual problem.” He adds that Lapp’s flexibility helps the company to achieve this.

“There are so many things we can do better,” he said. Not that it’s not already good, he hastens to add. But if you believe what Boris Katic has to say, there is always a way to do things a little bit better.


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