“Innovation is not a one-man show”

Guido Ege has been with the company for 26 years, the past two in the role of Head of Product Management and Product Development. “I have spent the majority of my working life here,” he laughs. And he then skilfully changes the subject, as Ege would rather talk about innovation than tradition.

That somebody like him, who loves a challenge, has spent more than two-and-a-half decades at the same company, is not a contradiction: “There have always been lively challenges.” And innovation has always been in the mix. “We are a customer-oriented company,” stresses Ege. “So we are very close to the market, we can better understand issues and thus find innovative solutions.”

And Ege lets us in on a little secret: the best way to do this is by being open and willing to try new things. He gives us a vivid example: he spent three years working for Lapp in Singapore. Learning to be open minded and live by this ethos. Hot on the heels of other cultures and other ways of working.

Then other ideas that were not previously possible can suddenly be made a reality

What are Ege’s factors for success? Teamwork, creativity, methodology and openness: “Looking at things from various perspectives – especially as a team. Innovation is not a one-man show.” He then says you need to consider new things in addition to tried-and-tested certainties. After all, perhaps the circumstances have changed. “Then other ideas that were not previously possible can suddenly be made a reality.” Like the idea of direct current.

Guido Ege, Head of Product Management and Product Development

When things become conceivable

“As a market leader, we need to promote progress and create the right momentum,” recounts Guido Ege. “With the Lapp Technology Radar and the collaboration with universities and institutes, we are hot on the heels of these trends.” New technologies have pushed direct current to the forefront, making a rebirth conceivable.

At the end of the day, technological development never stops. Keyword energy revolution. This is what has made people think about DC, and made it a priority for Ege. “These are exciting topics and challenges that we want to counter with solutions.” And even 26 years into his career, he can clearly imagine this happening in future.

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