Historic milestones

Some special moments from the history of LAPP




The original business idea had nothing to do with connections, but was instead a perfume bearing the name Lapp. Although it failed to conquer the market, it shows how the Lapp family understood the importance of the brand and the potential of their name.


The company began in typical LAPP fashion: think about the solution for the customer first, and then figure out how to market it. 1957 saw the birth of ÖLFLEX®, a flexible, oil-proof cable that could be used straight away without complex continuity testing. The company that would sell the cable was founded in 1959.



Ursula Ida Lapp registers the new company with herself as the owner at Stuttgart District Court in November 1959. Officially, Oskar Lapp is her employee. In the 1950s, this was just as unusual as a woman giving her name to a company: Ursula Ida Lapp is the name behind U.I. Lapp KG.


Every cable needs a connector. The ÖLFLEX® cables are followed by CONTACT connectors (later known as EPIC®). After just a few years in business, Oskar Lapp takes this important step towards turning the company from a cable manufacturer to a systems provider. He knows that the customers do not want to buy cables. They want to control their machines and supply them with power. And LAPP provides them with everything that they need for this.



Despite business relations with Austria and Switzerland, the Lapps’ first international subsidiary is not in Europe, but the USA: ÖLFLEX® Wire & Cable Inc. in New Jersey.


Oskar Lapp registers the patent for SKINTOP®, a plastic cable gland for easily securing cables. SKINTOP® experiences immediate success on the market, gaining a reputation as an extremely effective cable gland.



LAPP has always championed new technology such as fibre optic cables. This is because these innovations often become strong brands for components, power and control cables, data cables, fibre optic cables, Ethernet cables, connectors, cable glands or marking systems.


LAPP becomes a global player. From Asia to Africa, South America to eastern Europe, new LAPP businesses are founded in places like Dubai, South Africa and Brazil, with subsidiaries in Poland, Latvia and Ukraine. These are accompanied by a global logistics network. LAPP customers rely on instant availability, which can only be achieved by being close to them.



The history of LAPP enters a new chapter with the construction of the new service and logistics centre in Ludwigsburg and the European Headquarters in Stuttgart. Both represent growth and a commitment to the region. Just like the rebranding to the name LAPP in 2018.

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