LAPP belongs together and is coming together. In future, we will use a single brand name and a single logo across the entire company. “Our customers simply want LAPP to consistently deliver the quality and service that they have come to appreciate, regardless of which subsidiary or division they come from, or where they are in the world”, explains Siegbert E. Lapp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

LAPP has long ceased to be simply a cable supplier. The company is now a world market leader for integrated connection solutions. “If we go by the name ‘Lapp Kabel’, ‘Cabos Lapp’, etc., that name today only stands for part of the company”, says Matthias Lapp, CEO for the Europe region and responsible for around 70 per cent of global revenues. The time is therefore right for a globally consistent name and logo that unite everything. After all, connection and a sense of togetherness are both in LAPP’s DNA. With a new, clear corporate identity with high brand recognition and an emphasis on the family name, we aim to underline this even more.

All prefixes and suffixes that previously stood alongside the name LAPP have now been removed. The only elements that remain are the legal company names and those of the national subsidiaries, but from a brand perspective, everything is now LAPP. In future, the over 50 companies within the group, including Lapp Group, Lapp Systems and Lapp Mexico, will simply be known as LAPP. This change will occur everywhere: from buildings to products, from company ID cards and catalogues to transport packaging.


Here comes a hero

Real superheroes have super powers. LAPPMan has the power to solve problems, just like LAPP itself. The animated character is a result of LAPP’s many years of cooperation with the Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart. He also features in a short film, in which he delivers the new logo.


“The most important thing for us is to embrace the new name and logo”, says Siegbert E. Lapp. Just like we embrace our shared values in every LAPP company: success oriented, customer oriented, family oriented and innovative. And just like we work together to find the best solutions for the customer. “We are one group of companies and we now have one logo. We are all ambassadors for this change. Our new consistent corporate identity is the best way to communicate this message to the outside world.”



“The most important thing for us is to embrace the new name and logo”

Siegbert E. Lapp

As the Chairman of the Supervisory Board explains, the idea for the rebranding is not as new as it seems: “We have been speaking about it within the family for years.” Introducing the new corporate identity at the Hannover Messe is not only a logical step for the company, it is above all a family decision.

The important thing is that LAPP will remain LAPP. LAPP will remain a family business. This fact is evident from the generational change in 2017, in which Matthias Lapp assumed responsibility as CEO and became the third generation of the Lapp family to lead the business. It is also reflected in the words of his brother, Alexander Lapp, who adds: “We do not see LAPP as a sales company or a cable company. We are a 'make-customers-happy-company.'”

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