Names like Lapp Kabel, Lapp India and Lapp Systems will soon be history. This is because today’s company offers completely different products and services than when it first started. The world is coming together, as is the world of connection technology. LAPP therefore took the decision to operate under a shorter name and with a modified logo in future. A family of brands is now becoming one family brand: LAPP.

“We want our customers to know that wherever they are in the world, and whatever they need, they will always be able to rely on quality from LAPP”, declares Andreas Lapp, Chairman of the Board of Directors. As the world of trade and business becomes ever more complex, we want to make things simpler. All of the solutions, branded products and services we offer will be provided under a single name: LAPP.

There are good reasons for the change: “We have previously been known under a variety of names – as Lapp Kabel, Miltronic, Lapp India, Lapp Systems and many more. But in reality, LAPP has long been a single international company, and not several national ones.” Many customers operate all over the world, and LAPP accompanies them. “Whether in Germany, South Africa or Australia, LAPP is always LAPP.” As a result, the previous brand and company architecture, divided by countries, focus areas and sectors, was no longer fit for purpose. “It no longer reflected the reality in which we live.”


About our brand names

From the late 1950s onwards, LAPP was the first cable manufacturer on the market to give its products proper brand names. The aim was to ensure better product identification and brand differentiation. This will continue to be our goal in future. That is why our well-known brand names like ÖLFLEX® control cables, EPIC® connectors, SKINTOP® cable glands, ETHERLINE® data communication systems for Ethernet technology, UNITRONIC® data communication systems, HITRONIC® optical data transmission systems, SILVYN® cable protection and carrier systems and FLEXIMARK® marking systems will be retained.

LAPP brands

Andreas, Matthias, Siegbert E. and Alexander Lapp

One company, one goal

Reducing the brand name to LAPP will help us communicate more clearly to the outside world that we are a global player, whilst creating a greater team spirit within the company. “We are one group, one company, one strong brand”, says Andreas Lapp. The company will remain divided into organisational units, but is united in its aim of making life easier for customers and doing business better.

The idea to consolidate the company’s corporate identity did not come from external marketing experts. It came from within the company itself and the family that controls it. One of the most important factors was for LAPP to maintain strong brand recognition. After all, we do not want to be or become a different company. Instead, we simply want to reflect the reality of the change that has been happening organically in a clear and visible way.

The world becomes one

LAPP has a total of 56 national subsidiaries, production sites and centres of competence. These are located around the world, from Desio (Italy), Hyvinkää (Finland) and Istanbul (Turkey) to Shanghai (China) and Bangalore (India). In future, however, customers will no longer need to search for ‘Kablo’ – the Turkish word for cable. This is because all of these places will have a single name: LAPP.

The end of the cable?

If brand names like Lapp Kabel will no longer exist in future, does this mean the same for cables from LAPP? On the contrary, explains Andreas Lapp. LAPP will always develop the solution that is the most appropriate for our customers. “If the best solution does not require cable, then we will not use it.” For most applications in industry in the foreseeable future, however, ÖLFLEX®, UNITRONIC® or ETHERLINE® cables will continue to be the best, safest, most effective and best value solution.

Andreas Lapp continues to see massive growth potential in ÖLFLEX®, arguably the mother of all LAPP cables developed over 60 years ago by company founder Oskar Lapp.

This is due to the fact that industrial companies are increasingly using electrical drives to perform functions that were previously carried out by hydraulic or pneumatic systems. This trend towards greater efficiency has a long way to go yet.

Reliability is key

The fact that despite all this change, the family name remains the key element of the brand signals reliability. LAPP will remain a family company. LAPP will remain independent. LAPP will remain the partner that you know and trust. After all, the name LAPP does not just stand for connection solutions, but also for reliability.

Andreas Lapp

As a result, we will make sure that the change is not too radical. “We value continuity. This is what our customers expect from LAPP: continuity in a changing world.” For Andreas Lapp, there is one key element in the change process: “Any connection – whether in a technical or business sense – must be reliable and durable.”

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