Until five years ago, his department didn’t even exist. Then LAPP founded a dedicated task force for project work. With great success. Tobias Klein feels right at home in uncharted territory and loves clearing the way.

Tobias Klein could be described as a true product of LAPP. From his apprenticeship onward, the current Head of Project Hub Industrial has spent his entire career at the company. He is responsible for project sales in the LA EMEA region. This abbreviation combines Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Klein’s job revolves around juggling processes. Whenever standards don’t do the job, he and his team are called upon to rethink products and processes. “We try to open up as wide a path as possible so that we can offer customers exactly what they need.”


We understand what our customers need and are changing to adapt to these requirements

What does he like most about LAPP? “Everyone here, from management and the board to the family, says: ‘Let the people in project work to do their thing.’” That might be because they know doing so will create new paths and lead to new, exciting projects. A good example is the new logistics centre, which is the size of six football pitches. This is a special project under special conditions.

Tobias Klein, Head of Project Hub in LA EMEA, said: “We are trying to clear the road ahead so that we can provide customers with precisely what they need.”

LAPP Project Hub

LAPP Project Hub provides information, products, processes and solutions for industrial and infrastructure projects.

Follow us

“The project helps us both strike out in new directions and pave the way for those that follow us”, explains Klein. That’s because the logistics centre is not a customer project, but LAPP’s response to the developments in the project business. “We understand what our customers need and are changing to adapt to these requirements”, says Klein.


Understanding processes and customers

Klein’s passion for exciting projects is tangible, as is his ability to understand customers, projects and processes.

“Project work is not something that you can solve with a checklist”, he explains. “You have to understand what is important in each individual situation.” Taking responsibility is also important. This is a very good description for his role as project specialist at LAPP. That’s because anyone who can understand the challenges faced by the customer, develop a solution and take responsibility helps Klein do what he does best: clear the way for his customers.

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