Somewhere, where the world of product catalogues and price lists ends, a whole new business begins. Project work is different. Every project is different, as is every customer, or even every day. That’s because the demands in project work are much more specific than our business in standard products.

There are at least as many similarities as there are differences between our project work and product business. Above all, those who work on projects often find that the required product does not exist either on the shelf or on the market. Sometimes it hasn’t even been thought of yet.

This calls for new ways of thinking. We have to switch from finding the best product to finding the best solution. It also requires the ability to react, especially since some problems do not follow the standard market logic. New challenges appear quickly and call for immediate solutions.

What exactly do we mean by “project”?

Project comes from the Latin word “projectum”, which literally means “something thrown forward”. The DIN standards series defines a project as: “An undertaking that is significantly defined by the uniqueness of its conditions overall.”

Uncharted territory

In most cases, this requires solutions tailored individually to each customer and their needs. Another feature of project work is that we often sell complete solutions rather than individual products. These solutions are sometimes only developed over the course of the job. Those involved are faced with the challenge of going into uncharted territory and doing what has never been done before.

As a result, it is only natural that project work leads to new roles, systems and responsibilities to go with the new customised solutions. This often takes the form of interdisciplinary teams consisting of project managers, developers and controllers.


New challenges appear quickly and call for immediate solutions.
Project business by LAPP

LAPP understands this, as you would expect from a world market leader. We understand that for every problem, there is a solution waiting to be found. Finding this solution is often a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right product. This is a skill that LAPP has developed and perfected in both our project and product business.

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