For Ballast and Track – In Any Dimensions

A ballast cleaner lifts sleepers and rails to renew the ballast bed

Reliability and precision are the key features of Matisa products. No matter whether they are transport wagons for points, track inspection vehicles, ballast regulators, track renewal trains, track construction trains, tampers or ballast cleaners. In these steel giants, every detail is crucial.

The high-tech trains, for example, pick up the ballast stones, check their edges, sort out those that are blunt and then fill up the bed with fresh stones. When it comes to ballast, small differences can have a big impact. Only stones with fracture edges can interlock, which creates a uniformly loadable and cushioning structure, providing a stable base for sleepers and rails.

The company’s most important products include plain line and universal tampers. Customers worldwide use them to correct the track geometry and compress the ballast.

Matisa portfolio

The size comparison shows examples from the diverse portfolio. A complete overview can be found at

Ballast regulators

For example, they are used for filling up sleeper bays, ploughing out surplus ballast and sweeping clean the tracks.

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Universal tampers

If the track ­geometry requires correction, or the ballast has to be compressed, rail operators worldwide depend on Matisa tampers.

Track construction trains

Up to 500 metres long and with a wealth of high-tech equipment on board, they lay sleepers and rails on new lines in a continuous flow.