Optimum configuration at the click of a mouse

The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN configurator enables fully assembled cable chains to be created easily online and eliminates sources of errors.

In future, three steps and a few clicks will be enough. While configuring cable chains was previously a complex task, it’s now child’s play. The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN configurator from LAPP provides a convenient way for users to engineer a cable chain online. The configurator automatically eliminates risks of error and always finds the best solution. It’s an important addition to LAPP’s growing range of finished products. System solutions developed by a single company are growing in popularity because they deliver excellent quality and save time.

The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN configurator:


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No more incorrect configurations, ever
The ÖLFLEX® CONNECT CHAIN configurator guides you step by step through the choice of cable chains, cables and appropriate accessories. It makes sure that components are compatible every step of the way, especially when it comes to the cables’ minimum bend radius. The cable chain must not have a smaller bend radius than the cables, otherwise malfunctions may occur and the cables’ life cycle will be curtailed. If this is the case, the configurator will display a warning message and suggest other types of cable chain. Other criteria include the travel length, acceleration, temperature behaviour and shielding. The configurator automatically excludes cables that are not suitable for the application. If required, it can position separators and shelves and makes sure that the weight of the cables is evenly distributed in the cable chain. When the configuration is complete, the customer receives a personalised quotation. They can decide whether they want to purchase the cable chain fully assembled by LAPP or as individual components, with the option of having the cables pre-cut to the appropriate lengths. If the customer opts for the former, all components are guaranteed to be in perfect working order and the fully assembled chain will undergo extensive testing before it is shipped.

Top-notch quality everywhere and every time
As well as custom cable assemblies LAPP supplies servo assemblies for connection of servo drives in compliance with leading manufacturers’ standards and ready-to-install power chain systems. System solutions are available worldwide and always offer the same premium quality. Alongside the competence centre in Stuttgart, the company has two other competence centres in the USA and Singapore, as well as a global network of production sites for ÖLFLEX® CONNECT and other products. No matter where in the world items are produced, LAPP customers benefit from short delivery times and proximity to genuine experts.

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