Safety on a Big Voyage


Three weeks on the high seas are a real challenge – and can provide lots of lessons about life. The 17 metre Haspa is one of two yachts that the Hamburg Sailing Club (HVS) uses to train young people to be ocean sailors. They aim to minimise the number of technical surprises during their voyages on the North Sea and the Baltic. “Our yachts are high-tech ships with a great deal of safety-critical electrical and electronic equipment”, says skipper Wibke Borrmann. “We can only use the very best components.”


During the winter months, some of the cabling was replaced as part of general maintenance. As a result, three different ÖLFLEX® control cables from LAPP are now used. There are several reasons for this. All the cables are temperature resistant, as it often gets very hot below deck, and often frosty up on deck. In addition, the cables are halogen free, which means that in the event of a fire no corrosive vapours are released when extinguishing. And, of course, the cables are resistant to both fresh and salt water. Tin plating of the copper conductors over the entire length provides additional corrosion protection. So, set the sails, cast off and always sail close to the wind. Safely.