Service on the Rails


I enjoy driving, flying or getting on a train. Behind the wheel, I’m totally flexible. Air travel is ­essential for longer distances. And on the train I can read, work or just relax – and avoid all the traffic jams. Demand for rail travel is on the increase, and not just in the industrialised countries of Europe with their extensive transport ­infrastructure. The sector has a particularly big future in growth regions.

For LAPP, railway technology is a sector where we can really demonstrate our strengths. While others don’t start producing until orders come in, we deliver right away. Even in tiny volumes and tailored to customer needs. We have 1.4 million metres of ­railway cables constantly in stock. This means we can assist very quickly. This issue tells you more about what happens to these cables.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Lapp
Chairman of the Board

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