Only the riders need to hold their breath


Anyone who likes rollercoasters will almost certainly have ridden one made by Gerstlauer. The company based in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Münsterhausen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rides. There is hardly anything customers could want that is too extreme for their developers and designers. A rollercoaster more than 1,000 metres long on the steepest descent in the world? Or the world’s first rollercoaster with a free backwards drop? No problem!


There’s only one thing that the team in Münsterhausen don’t take lightly: “We carry people, which means that we do not make any compromises on reliability and safety”, said the head of electronics design and technical purchasing, Erwin Haider. That is exactly why Gerstlauer relies on the wide product range from LAPP for its cabling. For rides that will be installed all over the world, Gerstlauer needs cables that cover all the major standards and ensure reliable functioning in the long term. “Our rollercoasters are in use for 20 years and have to be working at all times”, says Erwin Haider, “and LAPP cables have exactly the characteristics we need”. So it’s only the riders who need to hold their breath.