With the title “Of dreams and actions”, at the 20th Trade press days in Berlin, LAPP demonstrated to 35 journalists from Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, the methods the company uses to identify trends and develop products for the future. The event was much lauded by the journalists, who sat on a wooden grandstand at the LAPP partner. Peter Schäfer, editor of mechatronik & engineering, agreed: “Unlike other companies, LAPP didn’t just give us advertising messages. There were actually plenty of fascinating insights. You learn things at LAPP.”

Georg Stawowy, Member of the Board responsible for Technology and Innovation, was also pleased: “It was a fresh event with plenty of great content, totally appropriate for the 20th. anniversary.” Stawowy was one of the speakers. “Part of our self-imposed goal of being a technology leader is picking up on key technological trends before customers even ask for the corresponding products”, he explained, highlighting the importance of innovation. Guido Ege, Head of Product Management and Product Development, presented details of the new Innovation for Future process at LAPP. And Simon Blake, founder and managing director of Launchlabs, is convinced that smaller companies are in a much better position to create radical innovations that become the next big thing than hugemultinational corporations. Prof. Wilhelm Bauer, the head of the Fraunhofer IAO and a member of the LAPP technology committee, called for greater efforts on innovation and more openness.

Attentive listeners from five countries: Industry journalists impressed with LAPP’s efforts in innovation
Open to new approaches – including presentations: At the LAPP Press Days, the most important content was recorded graphically