So much potential


Africa is a fascinating continent. Bright, colourful, diverse – and three times the size of North America. There is huge potential. We know that because we have been active in the African market for many years – for example providing solutions for industry, to expand the infrastructure and for the food sector.

Of Africa’s approximately 1.2 billion inhabitants, only around half have access to electricity. Solar energy could help to improve that. Our title story shows what is possible. We also want to open up opportunities in other areas. We are achieving sustainable growth in the region, relying on the expertise of our employees and offering secure jobs. We are taking responsibility. Just like Désiré Kope. The warehouse worker at our logistics centre in Ludwigsburg has made huge personal sacrifices to set up a school in Ivory Coast. We are proud of that kind of employee. His example shows what every individual person can achieve.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Lapp
Chairman of the Board

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